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    Ancient Aghdam Scarf

    Ancient Aghdam Scarf

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    The "Ancient Aghdam" Scarf: History and Art Dance 


    This model was created under the inspiration of the Karabakh carpet weaving school, Buynuzlu carpets.

    In ancient times, horned animals were considered sacred in Central Asia, the Middle East, including Azerbaijan. Horns as a symbol have had different ideas, first in connection with agriculture, harvesting, and later with astronomical ideas. Since ancient times, the horn has been considered a symbol of masculinity, courage and bravery. We symbolically depicted the Buynuz element, which was used as a design attribute of Buynuzlu type carpets in our Agdam Bag as a tribute to the Agdam region, which made an invaluable contribution to the history and culture of the development of carpet weaving in the Karabakh Region.


    L 130x130 cm
    M 90x90 cm
    S 50x150 cm

    Material 30% Pure Silk, 70% Viscose

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