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    Sacria Atelier

    Ancient Ganja Scarf

    Ancient Ganja Scarf

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    The "Ancient Ganja" Scarf: A Tribute to Timeless Artistry


    Immerse yourself in the rich history and artistic tradition of the ancient city of Ganja with Sacria Atelier's "Ancient Ganja" scarf. Inspired by the world-renowned Ganja carpet weaving school, this scarf is a testament to the enduring beauty and craftsmanship of this age-old Azerbaijani art form.

    Each "Ancient Ganja" scarf is a canvas where the past and present meet. Its pattern, hand-painted with vibrant Italian paints on the finest silk, echoes the intricate designs and bold color palettes characteristic of Ganja carpets.

    By wearing the "Ancient Ganja" scarf, you are not just embracing a luxury accessory; you are carrying forward a rich heritage, a story woven through centuries. This scarf is our tribute to the resilient artisans of Ganja, their legacy living on in each carefully crafted detail.

    The "Ancient Ganja" scarf — an embodiment of cultural richness, historic artistry, and modern luxury, from Sacria Atelier to the world.


    L 135x135 cm
    M 90x90 cm
    S 50x150 cm

    Material 30% Pure Silk, 70% Viscose

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