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    Sacria Atelier

    Ancient Quba Scarf

    Ancient Quba Scarf

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    The "Ancient Quba" Scarf:  Reimagining Heritage Art


    Inspired by the rich historical heritage of the Guba school of carpet weaving, we created this pattern, in particular, under the impression of the famous carpets of the village of Cek.

    The Guba school is rightfully considered one of the most diverse in terms of design and style of carpets in the region. They use double-weave wool, cotton and a wide palette of colors, as well as a variety of ornaments, which makes Guba carpets recognizable and unique in their performance. The element that serves as the main decoration and represents the connection of the edge is referred to by the weavers as "tongal", that is, a fire.


    L 130x130 cm
    M 90x90 cm
    S 50x150 cm

    Material 30% Pure Silk, 70% Viscose

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