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    Sacria Atelier

    Baku Bag

    Baku Bag

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    Baku Bag


    Regions of Azerbaijan Collection


    Designed and made by Sacria Atelier


    Baku carpets belonging to the Baku group of the Absheron carpet weaving school were usually woven in the villages of Gala, Novkhani, and Mashtaga. Sometimes carpet makers called this carpet «Qobustan».

    The patterns of this composition have a rather complex geometric structure. The so called «lake area» of the Baku carpets is usually red in color. Occasionally, carpets with navy blue and white spots are also found. The color of the borders varies according to the overall appearance of the carpet.

    The composition of the central area of Baku carpets consists of large rectangular lakes arranged one after the other on the vertical axis. Until the end of the 18th century, four or five lakes were located in the central area of this carpet. After these carpets received the name of Baku carpet, changes took place in its middle field composition. So the lakes were paired.

    The faces of the lakes are decorated with patterns such as «Well Wheel», «Lizard», «Arsin» or «Shovel». Around the lakes, other filler patterns are added.


    📐Size L 26x16x33 cm;
    📏Frame size 25 cm;
    ✅Outer: 100% quality waterproof fabric;
    ✅Genuine 🇮🇹 Italy paints🎨;
    ✅ Durable metallic ⛓ accessories;
    ✅Clear volumetric shape;
    ✅Big accessories pocket inside.

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